Angie: Guess which knob gets my oven hot?
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I like my life with my husband, my part time job at the museum, and all the sex I can get time away for from Sex in Arkansas. I’m the model wife, with her own dirty little secret. My husband would probably pass out, if not have a heart attack right there if he knew I was having sex with nearly every other guy who passed through town. That was my technique of operation, I only wanted guys who were from down the road somewhat, far enough away not to understand all about my entire life. Then I met Morris. He was a sweet young man with a buff body who came to the museum to focus on an installation. He was nervous around me from the beginning, always blushing when I looked at him or talked to him. He could just answer any questions I might ask about the project. I was flattered that he was so obviously smitten by me. He’d merely be in town for one week, I was determining whether to tred on forbidden territory. Among the reasons I havent been caught yet is because I dont go looking for fish within the local pond. Morris was a little too close to home. Then Friday came. I called my husband and told him I’d be staying late at work, I needed to be sure the display was prepared for the debut the next day. I’d done that before, so that wasnt unusual. What was unusual was that for the first time all week Morris and I were left alone to do any last minute touch ups. They’d finished the display that afternoon, and it seemed perfect. And so did Morris, who still wouldnt make eye contact with me. When I said, seems good, you can go now, he discontinued. For the first time in days he looked right at me. I know who you happen to be, and I need to know you better, Angie2***. He seemed so serious, and nervous, like he was asking for a first date, which he kind of was. That was my Sex in Arkansas handle. I smiled, and felt the first traces of wetness fill my vagina. Lets go to your hotel then, I answered and took Morris by the arm. You can bet we both got what we wanted, and more.

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Lesley: Hi! Local only please!
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Shelley: Not so happy housewife
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Pamela: I like to get nasty
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Renee: Bored – Not Boring
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